unified scientific engineering innovation
Main Objective - Making Creative Ideas Into Tangible Solutions
Engineered Products - Engineered Applications - Engineered Solutions

Product Creation Engineering- Service Development Engineering - Scientifically Engineered Application
Engineering is both a science and an art.  What we do at USEI is engineer simplified solutions to complicated problems in 5 phases. 

Phase 1:  Our process begins with the collection and dissection of related technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge.

Phase 2:  The intellectual design of planned structures, machines, devices, systems, and/or processes to be achieved.

Phase 3:  Successfully pre-build or implementation of the engineered product, application or solution. 

Phase 4:  Critical evaluation of pre-build and/or implementation.  Rectification of any and all unplanned issues followed by reevaluation.

Phase 5:  Final implementation and/or production and delivery on the successful culmination of a creative idea.
Engineered solutions

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